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 "The kind of music you’d listen to on a stroll down an empty city road late in the evening."

From its humble beginnings as a singer-songwriter project Regen has developed into a cross-genre identity, combining melancholic, dreamy melodies with lively rhythms and instrumentals reminiscent of the eighties. From 2019 on Regen distinguishes a group of five young musicians from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The release of their first single Wine had immediately caught the attention of radio stations, critics and listeners alike. The group creates international music you can immerse yourself in on a hazy rainy evening or perhaps during a midnight drive down an empty highway. 

Regen recently released their debut album Youth, which, in the words of music magazine Odzven, is "more than a pleasant surprise in sound, lyrics and rain". 


Regen first became known to the public in 2018 as a solo project with singer and songwriter Gaja Kuščer's first song published on YouTube under the stage name "Regen" ("rain" in German). Via Ljubljana's music scene among the youth, the five future members would meet in September of 2019. They formed a band under the same name, comprised of singer and songwriter Gaja Kuščer, guitarist Gašper Sedej, keyboardist Jan Mori, bass guitarist Andraž Dražumerič and drummer Filip Eisenkoler.

They first stepped on stage with refined elegance of intertwining dreamy melodies with vivacious rhythm alongside Serbian music group Stray Dogg in January of 2020 at Gala Hala and again only a month later with Austrian band 5KHD at one of Ljubljana's main concert venues, Kino Šiška.

Shortly thereafter, life came to a halt with the rise of the COVID pandemic - concerts and cultural events were abruptly cancelled for the unforeseen future. This, however didn't stop the five youths, who, each in their own respective homes, came together to start the "Quarantine Sessions" project, a series of weekly YouTube videos of the band performing various songs of their own, as well as a few covers. These videos caught the attention of the public even when it was most challenging. But as soon as conditions improved, the band was right back in the studio, working on arranging and recording their music.

Inspired by their respective musical backgrounds and tastes, genuine emotion and a love for music, Regen released their first single, Wine, in March of 2021, accompanied by a self-directed and produced music video, which garnered widespread recognition and praise from critics and listeners alike - the song had already won Val202's "Song of the Week" (Popevka tedna) a week after its release and was the fifth most searched for and third most played song in the whole year of 2021. In May of the same year, Regen hosted their first solo performance on Kino Šiška's "Cathedral" (large) stage as part of the "Štream" (stream) series of livestreamed concerts. The concert was a hit with listeners and fans and was noticed and applauded by reviewers. They marked their summer with the first creative stages of their upcoming debut album and playing at various venues across Slovenia, as well as their first international performance at Croatia's Indirekt festival.

In September and November they followed up their first release with a second and third single, titled The Fire, named "Song of the Year" by national radio Val202, and California, which once again won Song of the Week and later became the most played song of December of 2021 and the second most played in the following month.

Regen spent the first half of 2022 recording and producing their highly anticipated album Youth, released in June alongside a highly attended and successful concert at Gala Hala, after which the band embarked on a country-wide tour. The album wowed listeners and critics and received various nominations and awards among the country's main radio stations, with California once again being named Song of the Year.

The group began their 2023 with a sold-out concert at the renovated Cukrarna venue and received a whopping three nominations for "Slovenian Grammy" Zlata piščal awards for their song California, album Youth and "Best New Band". In October, they released their first Slovene single, titled Rada znala bi plesati ("I wish I knew how to dance") and once again proved their drive talent. The song won both Song of the Week and Song of the Year. In 2024, Regen played at Ljubljana's MENT showcase festival and wowed a sold out concert hall with their captivating and professional performance. They continue to create and develop their sensual modern alter pop, filled with dreamy echoes and drifting harmonies, intertwined with the lively rhythms and melodies of the 80s. Regen create international music, ideal for a soundtrack to a dreamy evening or a midnight drive down an empty highway.

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